The DPRK Foreign Ministry once again condemned the American side for “disgusting interference” in the internal affairs of the DPRK, discussing the human rights situation in this country at the UN.

In a statement, the DPRK Foreign Ministry promised to respond with “extremely harsh countermeasures” to US actions.

Notably, the US is pushing for an informal meeting of UN Security Council members on March 17 to discuss human rights violations in North Korea.

The statement expresses its rejection and strong condemnation of the heinous US plots, “human rights” pressure, and is considered to blatantly expose US hostile policies towards North Korea.

The DPRK Foreign Ministry pointed out: “The United States has long used human rights as a pretext for dastardly interference in the internal affairs of independent sovereign states in order to destroy their regime and change governments, but Pyongyang is used to this and believes that Washington is playing the human rights card when it is driven into corner”. And he can no longer pressure North Korea through the nuclear issue.”

The statement emphasizes that the “human rights” machinations of the US and its affiliates against North Korea have absolutely nothing to do with this issue, which is used as a hostile, politicized tool to tarnish the image of North Korea.

The DPRK Foreign Ministry confirmed that the confrontation between Pyongyang and Washington is a confrontation of “ideas and systems.”

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