North Korean authorities have reportedly forced girls and women with the same name as leader Kim Jong-un’s daughter, Joo Ae, to change their names to become his only daughter in the country to bear that name. by the American magazine The Week, according to a report by Radio Free Asia.

On Monday, a report cited two unidentified sources from the provinces of North Pyongan and South Pyongan as saying that local authorities have ordered women to change their names on birth certificates in the cities of Jeonju and Pyeongsong.

A resident told Radio Free Asia, “The Gyeongju City Ministry of Security has summoned the women registered at the Resident Registration Office under the name (Chu Ae) to the Security Ministry to change their names.” Officials said the name is now reserved for people of “the highest dignity and high standards”.

And issuing orders to change the names of citizens or prohibiting the use of certain names, as the British newspaper The Guardian notes, “this is a tradition followed by the ruling Kim dynasty in an isolated country.” A year before he took over the country, Kim ordered people with the name “Jung Eun” to officially change their birth certificates.

And the daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un garnered national attention when she appeared with her father and mother at a massive military parade that revealed a record number of ICBMs capable of carrying nuclear warheads, according to a released report. American edition of the Wall Street Journal on February 8.

News agencies inquired about the appearance of Kim Joo Ae’s 10-year-old daughter with Lee Sol Joo’s father and mother, as well as top military leaders.

His daughter first appeared in North Korean state media in November during an ICBM test.

Since then, she has accompanied her father to meetings with military scientists and inspections of ballistic missiles.

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