Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday at a meeting of the Russian Security Council that “conspirators” are increasingly trying to destabilize Russia and this must be prevented.

“We must do everything possible so that they cannot do this under any circumstances,” Putin added.

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The President of Russia set a task for the Russian authorities to implement, which is to prevent violations of political security within the country against the backdrop of “increased activities of anti-Russian actors.”

During the meeting, Putin proposed discussing “ensuring Russia’s security, and in this situation, domestic political security,” taking into account the “intensive efforts” of “hostile actors … to sway the situation inside Russia.”

“We all must do everything possible so that they do not do this under any circumstances,” Putin said.

The President referred to a recent meeting of the Council on Interethnic Relations, at which “issues of interethnic relations in the country were discussed,” emphasizing that “these issues are very important for Russia … 190 ethnic groups live in our country,” and continued that he considers it necessary deal with these issues in the context of ensuring internal security.

In a separate context, Russian intelligence agencies were able to find a large number of weapons in the Moscow region, including dozens of pistols, machine guns and cartridges, and also arrested one person, the Russian Interior Ministry said today.

A ministry spokeswoman said: “As part of an information check, the police searched the utility room located on the detainee’s territory and found there … 21 pistols, 8 assault rifles, 12 submachine guns, 2 pistols and a sniper rifle. rifle”.

She added that some of them, according to the results of tests, are suitable for firing, while others are still being tested.

In addition, ammunition for 31 silent firing devices, weapons magazines of various types, designs for the production and modernization of weapons, more than 7,000 cartridges of various calibers were confiscated. An investigation has been launched into this arsenal.

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