The President of Russia spoke Vladimir Putin On Friday about the possibility of amending the military doctrine of his country to allow a preemptive strike to disarm the enemy.

He was responding to a question posed by a journalist during a visit to Bishkek, asking him to clarify a statement made earlier this week regarding the use of nuclear weapons.

Botney added that Moscow was considering adopting what he called the Washington Preemptive Strike Concept, adding: “First, the United States has developed a preemptive strike concept. Secondly, they are working on developing a system of strikes aimed at the enemy), ”AFP reports.

“Modern and efficient”

He also thought that perhaps Moscow should consider adopting “ideas developed by the Americans to keep them safe,” but said, “We are only thinking about this matter.”

He stressed that his country’s hypersonic missiles and systems are “more advanced, not even more efficient” than those it possesses. USA.

“Answer with retribution”

Significantly, Putin hinted on Wednesday that Moscow would only use nuclear weapons in response to an attack of this nature, explaining: “We consider weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, as a means of defense. (Recourse to them) is based on what we call ” retaliation”: if we are hit, we will strike back.”

However, he showed that “the threat of nuclear war is growing” in view of the confrontation between Russia and the West over Ukraine, blaming the Americans and Europeans for this.

While I was condemning US Department of State With these statements, she said: “Any talk about nuclear weapons, however vague, is completely irresponsible.”

largest nuclear power

Notably, the specter of a possible nuclear war has returned to the forefront of the international arena since the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on February 24, indicating the erosion of the global security system dating back to the days of the Cold War. .

According to the Federation of American Scientists, Russia is the world’s largest nuclear power in terms of the number of nuclear warheads it possesses, with 5,977 warheads compared to the US’s 5,428.

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