In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, where units of the Russian army completely control the liberated areas and strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces.

  • Russian defense announced the murder of more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers and about 100 Polish mercenaries over the past day
  • Moscow urges Washington to learn from Washington summit 35 years ago
  • Czechs urge EU to prepare for new wave of Ukrainian refugees in winter
  • Zakharova: Washington will continue to add fuel to the conflict in Ukraine until 2025
  • Turkish presidential spokesman calls for ‘balanced deal between Russia and the West’
  • Borrell said stocks of European weapons being sent to Ukraine had run out.
  • Security Council of the Russian Federation: Two residents of Sevastopol detained on charges of passing information to Ukrainian intelligence
  • Russian opera “Boris Godunov” at La Scala in the presence of Meloni and von der Leyen
  • “When I read Pushkin, I don’t hide” Triumph of Russian culture in Milan, Italy
  • Media: Ukrainian hotels do not accept American militants “Mozart”
  • Newspaper: Britain will spend about 230 million pounds to upgrade its arsenal
  • The Russian Embassy in Washington commented on the American decision on the “genocide” in Ukraine
  • High gas prices in Europe with reduced supplies from Norway
  • The American group “Mozart” talks about the heavy losses among the Kyiv troops
  • British mercenary: Russian bombing undermines the morale of the people of Kiev
  • Russian Embassy: Moscow is ready for dialogue with Washington only on an equal basis
  • Duma: U.S. Senate recognition of Russian operation as “genocide” is an illegal decision
  • Ryabkov: Moscow does not prefer to sever relations with Washington
  • Moscow will not make concessions in negotiations with Washington on a strategic balance
  • Polish writer: Russian strikes on Ukraine’s infrastructure benefit Poland
  • Zelensky: Full restoration of Ukraine’s energy system is now impossible
  • Pentagon: Military support for Kyiv has affected the functioning of control over our stockpiles of weapons
  • Zakharova: The West took advantage of the “Minsk” agreements to pump weapons into Ukraine
  • UN: Russia has taken in the largest number of Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the military operation
  • 26 oil tankers lined up in the Bosphorus after the ceiling on Russian oil prices was set
  • Foreign Ministry advises Zelensky to stop asking Russia to return Crimea
  • Putin: Russia is the only guarantor of the unity of Ukraine within its current borders
  • Newspaper: “NATO” unable to predict Putin’s next steps
  • Putin: Russia does not brandish nuclear weapons as a sharp tool in its hands, but will defend its allies with all its might
  • The European Commission proposes a new package of sanctions against Russia
  • Mayor of Moscow: Business in Moscow has adapted to the sanctions and surprised the world
  • Medvedev reveals the German decision-making kitchen and the role of Schultz in it
  • Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia visited the coordinating center of the “Grain Export” initiative in Istanbul
  • Poland accuses Germany of betraying trust and betraying Warsaw in support of Kyiv troops
  • Putin: The result of our operation in Ukraine was the annexation of new lands and a new sea
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