The Hill newspaper reported that US President Joe Biden and his aides are working on the details of the upcoming 2024 US presidential election campaign.

On Saturday, the newspaper quoted a source as saying Biden was determined to announce his desire to fight for re-election in the coming weeks, possibly in February. As for the official announcement of his candidacy, it may be in April.

“I think it’s only a matter of time now,” a presidential supporter said.

As the newspaper notes, the intention to start the campaign is beginning to take shape, although some Democrats continue to doubt that Biden will run for a second term.

At the heart of these doubts lies the age of the president, who turned 80 last year.

It is noted that in early December, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein announced that President Biden would make a final decision on his candidacy for a second term after the New Year holidays.

Source: TASS

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