The figures and data showed that the Republic of South Sudan was the only country in the world to record an annual contraction of 12.7% at the end of last year.

And the Novosti agency published an analytical study based on data from the national statistical services of 193 UN member states, showing October data, disclosed in December last year, for the economies of 7 regions of the world, Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, North Africa , Europe, Oceania, South and North America.

At the same time, the lowest inflation in the world in October was in Panama – only 1.67%, while prices rose by 2.1% in China and Benin, by 2.4% in Oman, by 2.9% in Bolivia, in the Seychelles islands and the Maldives.

In mid-autumn, 4 countries recorded annual inflation at 3%, namely Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Niger and Saudi Arabia.

Price growth rates were about 4% in Kuwait, Cambodia, Japan, Bahrain, Malaysia and Ecuador.

Overall, inflation slowed in 77 countries in October 2022, with the most notable declines occurring in Zimbabwe (down 11.6 percentage points), Sudan (4.4 percentage points), South Sudan (4 percentage points), Lebanon (4 percentage points). paragraph) and Sri Lanka. Lanka (3.1 p.p.).

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