On Friday, Jordan’s General Security Service announced that it had temporarily suspended the Tik Tok platform domestically “after it was abused” during a truckers’ strike that killed a police colonel.

Before the official announcement, users of the Tik Tok app in Jordan reported that it had completely stopped since Friday morning.

Numerous video clips of the truckers’ strike have been posted on the app, with interactive and enthusiastic songs about acts of sabotage and road closures.

The Cyber ​​Crime Unit of the Jordanian Public Security Service announced that the Cyber ​​Crime Unit and the Cyber ​​Crime Unit monitor what is posted on social media, especially regarding hate speech, incitement to vandalism and attacks on law enforcement, property and roadblocks.

And she explained in a statement that the competent authorities will send anyone who commits such crimes to court.

The statement said that the “Tik Tok” platform does not deal with the abuse of the platform by its users, whether by glorifying and spreading acts of violence or calls for chaos, but rather by promoting videos from outside the Kingdom and falsifying them to exert influence. the feelings of the townspeople, in connection with which his services in the Kingdom were temporarily suspended.

Escalation of violence

The events developed against the backdrop of a hot night experienced by parts of Jordan, especially in the south, as an expression of citizens’ dissatisfaction with the government’s recent decision to raise fuel prices for the eighth time this year. However, the peacefulness of these protests differed from their legal and constitutional framework, which prompted the authorities security to intervene and establish your control.

Parliamentary demands in a legislative session of the Jordanian parliament turned into collective demands for lower fuel prices in Jordan by members of the House of Representatives who called on Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher al-Khasawneh to break his silence and reiterate that the state’s public treasury cannot afford the luxury of subsidizing fuel like it was last year.

Al-Khasawnah said fuel subsidies cost the state JD 550 million last year, and this year the state does not have that amount to subsidize fuel, so fuel prices have risen in line with international prices.

peaceful protests

Heavy truck drivers and owners of public transport, taxis and smart apps have peacefully protested the government’s decision to raise fuel by striking at work and queuing at the side of the road, but these peaceful vigils have shifted in places, especially in southern Jordan before secondary streets were closed by fire. tires and throwing stones at cars.

The government has tried to quell the protesters’ anger by paying off their limited fuel subsidies and postponing bank loans for this month, but none of these solutions matched their ambitions.

Officer killed

A major turning point in the vigil came Thursday when riots erupted in the Husseiniya district of Ma’an province, where the Public Security Directorate mourned the death of Colonel Abdul Razzaq Abdel Hafez Al Dalabeh, Ma’an province’s deputy police chief. as a result of a gunshot wound to the head during riot control A group of vandals and criminals in the Al-Husseiniya district in the province of Maan.

The Jordanian cabinet mourned Colonel Abdul-Razzaq al-Dalabeh, who was killed by evil hands in the line of duty in the Al-Husseiniyah district of Ma’an province, according to a government spokesman’s description.

Jordanian Minister of Government Communications Faisal Al-Shbool said the Cabinet condemned the perfidious and cowardly attack and stressed that the hand of justice would reach out to the killers and send them to a fair trial for punishment.

The Senate called for an iron fist strike on anyone who tries to provoke unrest, commit acts of vandalism, encroach on the rule of law and threaten the security of the homeland and citizens.

Popular circles throughout the governorates condemned such actions, calling for the identification of the killer and shooter of Colonel Al-Dalabeh.

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