President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko called the recent statements of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel frivolous and disgusting.

This happened in response to questions from journalists about recent statements by the former German chancellor about peace talks and the Minsk agreements concluded a few years ago to resolve the situation in Ukraine. Lukashenka continued: “I expressed my point of view to Vladimir Putin. And if so, then this is a trifle and malice, and I did not expect this either. The President of Russia also said that he did not expect such an attack from Merkel”, noting that Merkel is similar to Others like Poroshenko (the former president of Ukraine) were very serious, and after the Minsk meetings, the world said that they finally took a step and signed these agreements, and the war stopped, and people stopped dying. All this was positively evaluated.

Lukashenka said: “If they are deceiving and preparing for war, this is disgusting, and what Merkel says today is a desire to be in the public eye, and she does not want to be blamed for the events in Ukraine. She crossed out everything she said” . done for Germany and the European Union, and we would take it for granted. Seriously. As you can see, we made a mistake, it turned out to be as small as all the leaders of Europe today.”

Source: Belta

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