Complex Hand Reattachment Surgery at Gadkevich Hospital in Moscow


Doctors at the Gadkevich hospital in Moscow performed a remarkable hand reattachment surgery. They successfully reattached a man’s hand that had been amputated and separated from the body for several hours.

The Accident

According to available information, a 35-year-old Russian citizen was working independently on a construction project when he accidentally hit his right hand in a concrete mixer. Due to not following safety standards, his hand was amputated.

Emergency Response

Despite the pain, the man managed to call an ambulance and the doctors arrived quickly. They found the severed hand in the cement and immediately transported the man to the hospital.

The Surgery

Surgeons at the Gadkevich Moscow hospital performed a complex operation that lasted over 8 hours. They treated the man’s wounds, removed contaminated and non-viable tissues, and connected the bones of his hand using metal rods. Most importantly, they successfully reconnected the arteries and veins in the arm to restore blood flow.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Luckily, the man had a smooth postoperative period without any serious complications. The stitches were removed from his wounds, and he is currently undergoing rehabilitation to regain functionality in his arm.


Source: Mash

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