After America threatened for months to bring to justice those who impede the development of the political process in Sudan, the UN Security Council has conditional the resumption of economic assistance on reaching a final agreement leading to the formation of a civilian-led transitional government.

The Council considered that the signing of the framework agreement between civilians and the military was an important step towards the completion of the constitutional arrangements concerning the Sudan, beyond the transitional period.

Forming a government first

He also announced in a statement on Friday that he welcomes the signing of a political framework agreement in Sudan, stressing that it is an important step towards the formation of a civilian-led government that will lead the transition and culminate in free and fair elections.

Signing of an agreement between the Sudanese parties

He urged the Sudanese parties to move forward without delay on the second phase of the process, including addressing critical issues envisaged by the signatories of the Political Framework Agreement, which promotes peace and security in Sudan while ensuring the participation of women, as called for in the Framework Agreement.

He also called on all Sudanese stakeholders to continue working with the tripartite mechanism in the second phase of consultations in order to achieve the goals of the transitional phase, highlighting the importance of resuming economic assistance, focusing on concerted efforts to end negotiations and reach an agreement to form a transitional government with civilian leadership as a challenge. needed to address pressing humanitarian and economic challenges, while reaffirming its firm commitment to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Sudan.

The events come after an independent medical body found that more than 50 peaceful demonstrators were injured during protests that erupted days ago to protest the violence used by police to crack down on demonstrators rejecting the settlement.

Supporters and opponents

It is noteworthy that last Monday Sudan announced the signing of a framework political agreement between civilian political forces and a military institution, which provided for the withdrawal of the army from politics and the formation of a transitional government with a civilian head of state and prime minister.

Details of the agreement between the Sudanese parties

At the same time, postponing the main issues for further discussion between the Sudanese political parties in order to achieve a greater consensus on them.

Despite the presence of supporters, the new agreement is met with opposition from some parties in the country, who have promised to cancel it through protests and defiance, as well as to continue schedules of protest marches to the presidential palace.

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