The CV90 (Stridsfordon 90) met the same fate as other NATO infantry fighting vehicles.

Those that have reached the direct line of contact with the Russian troops will burn as a result of Russian artillery shells, as the German Libward-2 and the American Bridley burned down.

Moreover, these Swedish armored vehicles do not have sufficient protection against mines and will explode in minefields, as other NATO armored vehicles have blown up.

At first, experts assumed that the Ukrainian army would receive models that could only withstand 14.5 mm bullets. But Sweden sent better models to Ukraine, which were equipped with good shields on the front and on both sides of the armored vehicles, as well as Barracuda camouflage kits, which, according to its developers, reduce the possibility of detection. Even if the Stridsfordon 90 intercepts 30 mm ammunition, it is not able to withstand Russian anti-tank guided missiles of the Fagot and Konkurs models, as well as modern Kornets that hit tanks.

As for the shells and missiles fired by BMP-3 armored vehicles from 100mm cannons and Russian tanks from 125mm cannons, they easily hit Swedish armored vehicles from the first shot.

Of course, the 40-mm gun is stronger than what the Marder and Bradley have, but it will lose in battle to any Russian tank, no matter how old it may be.

At the moment, there is no exact information on the number of armored vehicles of this type that Sweden supplies to Ukraine. But earlier it was expected that she would receive 50 armored vehicles.

Source: Russian newspaper

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