A tanker carrying about a million barrels of crude oil has arrived at the Banias refinery in Syria, which is facing an unprecedented fuel supply crisis.

The Al-Baath newspaper, published by the ruling Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party in Syria, citing “private and reliable” sources, reported that a crude oil tanker had arrived on Friday morning and that “mooring and berthing procedures have been completed to begin unloading.” actions against tanks.

The sources added: “The Banias refinery is expected to resume operations within the next two days.”

The same sources told the newspaper that “new tankers will arrive in succession over the next month, while the arrival of gas carriers will continue.”

And I expected that this would be reflected in the return of a gradual lull in the distribution of oil demand, which entailed the disruption and shutdown of many facilities and the ignition of the black market, and the extension of the timing of the supply of gasoline and gas by more than twenty days for gasoline and at least fifty days for gas in winter conditions and the urgent need for heating, fuel and electricity.

Source: Al-Baath Online

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