Thai authorities have announced that adult foreigners must show evidence that they have been vaccinated with two doses of the coronavirus vaccine or have recovered from the virus since July last year as a condition to enter the country.

The Bangkok Post has suggested that Thai authorities and airlines will start checking vaccination certificates of those traveling to Thailand and entering the country through international airports starting this Sunday, the newspaper said, according to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Thailand. responsible for the operation of the airport.
A statement released by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand on its website said that unvaccinated visitors would require a medical certificate confirming the refusal to be vaccinated. The rules will be in effect until January 31st.

According to the Bangkok Post, vaccination certificates will be subject to re-checking at passport control in Thailand.

Unvaccinated travelers who contracted the coronavirus and recovered at least six months prior to arrival in Thailand will be required to provide certificates issued by the medical institution where they were treated.

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