Today, Saturday, the Syrian pound recorded a new record drop on the black market, crossing the threshold of 6 thousand against the dollar, according to electronic applications that monitor the movement of the currency, at a time when the country’s fuel crisis has recently worsened as a result of the ongoing conflict since 2011.

After years of war, Syria is facing a suffocating economic crisis, accompanied by rising prices for basic materials, near-constant power outages and fuel shortages.

Unofficial black market electronic apps monitored by the Syrians showed an exchange rate of £6,010 to one dollar, AFP reported.

Merchants rely on a parallel market price tracked by apps to price their products, while the central bank’s official exchange rate is equivalent to £3,015 against the dollar.

The Syrian pound recorded its last fall in October last year, when it crossed the five thousandth threshold.

Since the beginning of the conflict, the Syrian pound has depreciated by almost 99 percent on the black market.

However, the new deterioration coincides with a new suffocating fuel crisis that has prompted the government over the past few weeks to adopt a new policy of austerity in the distribution of gasoline and the suspension of government offices for an extra day and some universities for two extra days a week due to lack of fuel. for transportation.

The Syrian Sports Federation also announced a few days ago the postponement of all sporting events due to lack of fuel in order to reduce the pressure on sports clubs.

Damascus has always considered the economic sanctions imposed on it the main reason for the constant deterioration of its economy, on the one hand, and its inability to import its fuel needs, on the other hand, especially since the most important oil fields are beyond its control.

Today, the majority of Syrians live below the poverty line, and 12.4 million people are food insecure, according to the UN, while the prices of basic commodities are constantly rising across the country.

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