Spanish Football Federation Apologizes for President’s Controversial Kiss


The Spanish Football Federation has apologized for the damage caused by the kiss of its President Luis Rubiales to Spaniard Jenny Hermoso last month during the coronation ceremony of the World Cup.

FIFA Suspension

FIFA suspended Rubiales from any football activity for 90 days after refusing to step down due to Hermoso’s kiss after the Women’s World Cup final.

Apology Letter

Pedro Roca, who heads the foundation, instead issued a letter of apology for the damage caused after the incident: “A sincere apology must be asked from all of world football and gaming institutions, especially the players in England and Spain, and the fans around the world.”

Regret and Apology

He added: “The damage done to Spanish football, Spanish sport and society has been enormous, so we deeply regret what happened and tarnished the reputation of our team and our society as a whole. We are deeply saddened by the damage caused, so we deeply apologize.”

Measures for Improvement

Roca confirmed that the regional presidents of the Spanish federation had called on Rubiales to step down and promised a full package of measures to improve the administration of the federation and repair the damage done to the greatest extent possible.

Acknowledging the Women’s Team

The three-page letter ended with Roca congratulating the Spanish women’s team on winning the World Cup and acknowledging that their achievement was overshadowed by the Rubiales controversy.

Source: “Wakalat”

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