Sudan Condemns African Union Spokesperson’s Remarks


The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its surprise and condemnation of the terrible gendarmerie that the official representative of the chairman of the African Union Commission in the Sudanese case has descended to.

Statement by Sudanese Foreign Ministry:

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry has expressed its surprise and condemnation of the appalling gendarmerie that the spokesman for the chairman of the African Union Commission, in his comment today on the statement released by the Sudanese Foreign Ministry, referred to the Sudanese case. The decline that some of the organization’s staff have reached, Sudan was one of its first founders, because its humiliating language, rude content, and the fact that it contains regret confirm what was expressed in the aforementioned ministry statement.

The statement added: “The above comment will be recorded as the first abnormal and heinous precedent of an attack by a specific employee of the executive body of the Commission, which is accountable to the Executive Council of the African Union, against the founding country of the African Organization.” Unity in 1963 and the African Union in 2002, and the Continental Organization will not be able to fulfill its mission of African unification in its absence, since it is it that binds together all regions of the continent and embraces all cultural and ethnic groups on the continent, as well as its economic potential and its ability to feed Africa and beyond.

The ministry said: “This failure by a senior member of the African Union Commission Chair’s office should require a comprehensive review of how the office is run and what’s going on in terms of the appointments of some senior leaders.” Psychologically… and when it does, it won’t be strange for the decisions of some Bureau staff. The President of the Commission is characterized by double standards, inconsistency and serving an agenda that does not represent the interests of the continent and is alien to it.”

African Union Disagrees with Sudanese Foreign Ministry:

Today, Friday, the African Union expressed its disagreement with the Sudanese Foreign Ministry’s criticism of the meeting between President of the Commission Musa Faki and the representative of the Rapid Support Forces Hamidti.

Source: RT

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