French President Emmanuel Macron has taken the UK lead in the Ukraine crisis by sending a previously unannounced AMX-10 RC infantry fighting vehicle.

And according to Newspaper : “At first glance, the French AMX-10 RC infantry fighting vehicles equipped with a 105-mm cannon do not look like something special. But thanks to this gift, France was the first to send Western-made combat vehicles to Kyiv. With this, the red line was crossed, and military taboo has been broken.”

The newspaper added that Macron, with his initiative, bypassed the United States, Germany and Great Britain, which were among the leaders of military support for Ukraine.

On the other hand, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley said in a previous interview with the newspaper that Britain under Boris Johnson was the second country after the United States in supplying the Ukrainian armed forces, but his successor, Rishi Sunak, questions Kyiv’s loyalty “and suggests returning to the consideration of the program support for Ukraine.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron, in a conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky, said that Paris would supply armored vehicles or AMX-10RC tanks to Kyiv.

In turn, German Chancellor Olaf Schultz and US President Joe Biden, during a telephone conversation on Thursday, agreed to send heavy military equipment to Kyiv.

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