The US Provides Depleted Uranium Missiles to Ukraine: Russian Embassy Reacts


The Russian embassy in Washington confirmed that the US administration’s decision to provide the Kiev regime with depleted uranium missiles will have long-lasting consequences.

US Decision Criticized

The embassy issued a statement expressing concern over the US administration’s decision, calling it inhumane. They believe that the US is obsessed with the idea of inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia and is willing to sacrifice Ukrainians and even future generations.

Indiscriminate Action

The embassy accuses the United States of deliberately transporting weapons with indiscriminate action, despite being aware of the dangers of depleted uranium ammunition. They refer to the consequences of similar shells used in Iraq and the Balkans, causing health issues such as respiratory problems, malignant tumors, and organ damage.

US Deception

The embassy claims that by providing Ukraine with these military products, the US is deceiving itself by refusing to acknowledge the failure of the Ukrainian forces’ counterattack. The Russian military will continue to support the Zelensky regime.

US Indifference

The embassy believes that Washington’s actions reveal its true face, showing indifference towards Ukraine’s present and future, as well as its European neighbors.

US Military Aid Package

The US Department of Defense announced that as part of a new $175 million military aid package, they will be sending depleted uranium missiles to Ukraine. The shipments include depleted uranium shells for Abrams tanks.

Similar Action by UK

The US is the second country, after Great Britain, to announce the transfer of depleted uranium projectiles to Ukraine. The UK had previously revealed plans to supply Kiev with such ammunition for their Challenger 2 tanks.

Danger of Depleted Uranium

Russian President Vladimir Putin has emphasized that while these missiles do not fall under weapons of mass destruction, they generate radioactive dust and contaminate the soil, making them highly harmful and dangerous for humans. So far, only NATO countries, including in Iraq and Yugoslavia, have used such ammunition.

Response from Russia

Russian President’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, expressed sadness and concern over the UK’s decision to transfer depleted uranium shells to Kyiv. He emphasized that the British must understand the full responsibility they bear for the consequences of their actions.


Source: RT

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