When considering brands for an object tracker, Samsung is only one of several that come to mind. Tile and Apple’s well-liked AirTag presently hold that consumer trust and appeal level. Samsung, though, plans to squeak into that market with another object tracker that will be released soon.

This year, it's Possible that Samsung Could Introduce a New Product that Co mpetes With AirTag_

SamMobile reports, citing unnamed sources, that Samsung intends to update its line of Galaxy Smart Tag products. And if everything goes as planned, Samsung’s second-generation object tracker will be available in the third quarter of 2023, probably at the same time as the introduction of the company’s anticipated foldable phones.

There currently needs to be more specifics available regarding the improvements that users may anticipate from the next Galaxy SmartTags. We are also unaware of any intentions for a redesign. It will be intriguing to see whether Samsung can improve practical features like detection range, upgrade speakers to deliver a broader auditory alert range, and extend battery life.

Due to their incredibly pocketable size and extensive tracking network supported by hundreds of millions of devices worldwide, the current-generation Galaxy SmartTags are already among the best AirTag replacements available. Unfortunately, because these are restricted to the SmartThings ecosystems, you can only use them if you own a Samsung phone, such as the Galaxy S23.

This year, it's Possible that Samsung Could Introduce a New Product that Competes With AirTag_

Additionally, everything is seamless due to the close integration with Samsung goods. You won’t have to strain your brain trying to understand how third-party apps function. Moreover, Samsung’s object tracker uses the inexpensive, dependable CR2032 coin cell, which can be changed out quickly and has a long shelf life.

Another incredibly handy feature is the Galaxy SmartTags’ compatibility with smart home gadgets that work well with Samsung’s SmartThings protocol and even some phone-specific functions. Users can program the tracker’s button to do things like adjust lights. It supports ultra-wideband technology, allowing users to track their whereabouts within 15 meters using augmented reality signals in the camera app.

Except for the owner’s registered device, Tile’s trackers are now invisible to all scans thanks to a new anti-theft mode. The corporation created it as a theft prevention measure. However, the feature must be enabled by providing a government-issued ID card for verification. Suppose Samsung wants to make significant improvements to the second-generation Galaxy SmartTags. In that case, it will want to provide features like these.

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