Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine in February last year, Western support for Kyiv with weapons and money has not stopped.

Accordingly, informed sources said Friday that President Joe Biden’s administration will soon announce a new $275 million military aid package for Ukraine.

Strengthening the air defense system

The sources indicated that the aid package would include funds to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense system and counter drones.

The United States is also expected to supply Ukraine with HIMARS missiles, Humvee armored vehicles and power generators.

It is also planned to deliver weapons and military equipment from the Pentagon warehouses, Reuters reports.

Aid to Ukraine has been coming since February

The events come days after U.S. officials announced “significant” financial assistance to Kyiv to mitigate the damage caused by the bombing of the power grid, following a severe damage to the power grid in Ukraine from Russian bombing last month.

They confirmed that the Biden administration has allocated $1.1 billion to support the energy sector in Ukraine and Moldova.

Help continues

It is noteworthy that since the start of the Russian military operation on the territory of its western neighbor on February 24, Washington and its European allies have provided Kyiv with generous military assistance, providing Ukrainian forces with accurate and modern missiles, as well as anti-missile weapons. aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

European aid, and

Washington routinely uses Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative funds to buy weapons from manufacturers rather than drawing them from existing US stockpiles to finance Ukraine.

Total US security assistance to Ukraine recently rose to more than $17.5 billion in October, since the start of the Russian operation on February 24.

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