Tom Cruise’s Missed Opportunity: Edward Scissorhands

Today, Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He is widely recognized for his iconic role as Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible series. However, there was a time when Cruise could have been the lead actor in another classic film. We are referring to the character Edward in Tim Burton’s masterpiece, Edward Scissorhands.

Edward Scissorhands, released in 1990, became a director’s classic. However, before it was assigned to Johnny Depp, Cruise was offered the role. Despite being known for his dedication to his characters, Cruise ultimately declined the opportunity due to some unanswered questions that bothered him deeply.

According to Caroline Thompson, the film’s screenwriter, Cruise had some unconventional and perplexing queries regarding the role. We can only speculate on what those questions might have been, but they were significant enough for Cruise to turn down the role. Consequently, Johnny Depp stepped in and delivered a remarkable performance in the film.

Tom Cruise, on the other hand, continued his journey towards stardom. He achieved widespread acclaim with movies like Interview with the Vampire in 1994 and the first Mission Impossible film in 1996. Cruise proved to be a master of making the right decisions and steadily climbed his way to the Hollywood A-list.

A Recap of Edward Scissorhands

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