How to Troubleshoot Live Location Issues in WhatsApp

Through WhatsApp’s Live Location function, users can update their friends and family on their current location in real-time. On the other hand, the live location feature on your Android or iPhone will eventually become inoperable. If you are experiencing this problem, there is no need for alarm! In this article, we will give you troubleshooting solutions that will allow you to resolve the issue rapidly.

1. Do Not Remove WhatsApp from the Recent Apps Menu

When you regularly clean apps from the Recent Apps menu, you risk mistakenly closing WhatsApp. This prohibits WhatsApp from working in the background and keeping track of your current location while it’s running. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from removing the WhatsApp card from the app switcher.

2. Restart Location Services

WhatsApp won’t be able to track your whereabouts if your phone’s location services are experiencing temporary issues. By temporarily turning off and then back on your phone’s location services, you can frequently solve problems of this nature.

Android: Launch the Settings app on your Android device, tap on Location, swipe the Location toggle to the off position, wait a few seconds, and then swipe it back to the on position.

iPhone: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down to the Privacy section, hit Privacy, pick Location Services, turn off the switch next to Location Services, and then turn it back on after a few seconds have passed.

3. Check Location Permissions for WhatsApp

Next, by checking its settings, you must confirm that WhatsApp has the necessary permission to follow your location at all times. If you do, the application will continue providing live location updates.

Android: Android users should press and hold the WhatsApp icon for several seconds and then select the “i” icon from the resultant menu. Navigate to the Permissions menu, pick Location from the drop-down menu, and then choose the option to “Allow only while using the app” and turn on the toggle for “Use precise location.”

iPhone: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down until you find WhatsApp, press it, then tap on Location. Change the Allow Location Access setting to Always, and make sure the toggle next to Precise Location is turned on if it isn’t already.

4. Disable Battery Saver or Low Power Mode

Suppose you enable the power-saving mode or the battery-saving mode on your phone. In that case, WhatsApp may stop updating your live location. You can test whether this is the problem by turning off the mode that saves battery life on your Android device or the one that uses less power on your iPhone.

Android: Launch the Settings app on your Android device, press on Battery and Device Care, navigate to Battery, and deactivate the Power saving option there.

iPhone: Open the Settings menu, select Battery, then turn Low Power Mode off using the toggle switch.

5. Enable Background App Refresh for WhatsApp (iPhone)

The iOS feature known as “Background app refresh” enables applications to refresh their content even when users are not actively interacting with them. It is possible that WhatsApp will cease sending alerts or will stop updating your live location if you have background app refresh disabled for it.

Launch the Settings app, scroll down until you find WhatsApp, touch on it, and then enable the ‘Background App Refresh’ toggle. Doing so will allow you to enable background app refresh for WhatsApp.

6. Allow WhatsApp to Use Data in the Background (Android)

Suppose you have WhatsApp set to prevent itself from accessing mobile data in the background. In that case, the software might be unable to keep track of your current location. To modify this setting, tap the WhatsApp icon, and then from the open menu, select the info icon. Navigate to Mobile Data, and from the following menu, activate the option to “Allow background data usage.”

7. Check Date and Time Settings

If the date or time on your phone is incorrect, WhatsApp or any other app may require assistance determining your location. You can avoid inconsistencies by configuring your phone to use the date and time provided by your network.

Android: Launch the Settings application on your Android device, scroll down to select General Management, select Date and Time, and then activate the switch next to ‘Automatic date and time.’

iPhone: Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down until you find General, tap on it, tap on Date & Time, and then turn on the button next to Set Automatically.

8. Check for Updates on WhatsApp

Performance issues are likely caused by an old software version, especially if you haven’t updated it in a very long time. Suppose you have tried everything else, and the problem persists. In that case, your best bet is to download the most recent version of WhatsApp from either the Play Store or the App Store and see if that resolves the issue.

By following these troubleshooting techniques, you should be able to resolve the issue where WhatsApp’s live location does not update on your Android or iPhone. Have fun, and don’t worry about a thing when you share your live location!

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