The anti-terrorist forces of the Istanbul Security Directorate have arrested an ISIS member who planned to attack tourists and citizens in one of the vital areas of the city.

According to security sources, anti-terrorist groups launched an operation against ISIS in the state and were able to identify a suspect who filmed and published videos promoting the terrorist organization and threatening operations in vital areas crowded with tourists and citizens.

The Anadolu Agency, citing sources, said counter-terrorism forces broke into the house of a suspect named “MA”, where they arrested him and confiscated digital devices, a number of the organization’s flags and the tools used in their manufacture. such as fabrics and dyes, as well as sharp tools that he planned to use during the terrorist operation.

She added that as a result of studying digital materials, the teams found a video in which the accused receives a message of allegiance to ISIS from another suspect.

The security services also found information indicating that he planned to conduct an operation in one of the vital areas of Istanbul.

Anadolu news agency reported that Turkish authorities have detained two ISIS suspects in the province of Kayseri, in the center of the country.

She said that the gendarmerie detachments simultaneously raided two places where the suspects were hiding and managed to arrest them, noting that they were Syrians and were involved in the armed activities of the organization in their country.

Security sources said anti-terrorist forces in Afyonkarahisar, southern Turkey, arrested an ISIS fighter last Friday who was plotting a suicide bombing in a crowded area during New Year’s celebrations in churches, synagogues, malls or representatives of foreign missions. or recreation areas.

He added that terrorist Laith Raad Zaid, known as “Rifaat” and “Abu Shuaib”, was arrested at his home in Afyon Karahisar in an operation coordinated between the anti-terrorist and intelligence units of the city’s security department. , noting that his name is mentioned in the “ISIS” list obtained in the past.

She indicated that he had received training in suicide operations and was preparing to carry out the operation on New Year’s Eve.

It is worth noting that Turkey has tightened security measures and intensified campaigns against cells and elements of terrorist organizations led by ISIS, along with Al-Qaeda and Hayat Tahrir ash-Sham, after the terrorist attack This happened on November 13, 2022 in the middle of Istiklal Street , filled with tourists and Turks, in Taksim, Istanbul, 6 people were killed and 81 injured.

Source: “Anatolia”

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