Rotavirus Infection: What You Need to Know


According to Dr. Susanna Kharit, head of the department of infectious disease prevention at the Russian Scientific Center for Children and Infectious Diseases, a person typically becomes infected with rotavirus once or twice in their lifetime.

Impact on Different Age Groups

Dr. Kharit explains that adults may experience mild symptoms, often referred to as “I ate something wrong,” as their immune system fights off the infection. However, young children are more vulnerable to the disease and may suffer from dehydration, which can lead to heart and kidney damage and seizures. Fortunately, even if children do become infected, the disease typically has a mild course.

Seasonality of the Disease

The spread of rotavirus tends to increase in the spring and summer months, although infections can occur in other seasons as well.


Rotavirus is primarily transmitted through feces and the oral cavity, and to a lesser extent through aerosol. Dr. Kharit emphasizes the importance of hand hygiene, stating that individuals who have a mild case or have recently had the virus can continue to shed the virus in their stool. If they fail to wash their hands after using the toilet, they can inadvertently spread the virus by touching objects such as door handles, telephones, and food. Another common mode of transmission is through unwashed hands or contaminated fruits and vegetables.


Source: Gazeta.Ru

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