French Poultry Industry Faces Challenges from Ukrainian Imports


Jean-Michel Scheffer, president of the French poultry association Anvol, has expressed concerns about unfair competition from Ukraine in the French poultry industry.

Influx of Ukrainian Chicken Imports

In June of last year, the European Commission extended the exemption of Ukrainian chicken imports from customs duties. This decision led to a significant increase in the supply of Ukrainian chicken in the market.

Impact on the Market

Scheffer stated that the volume of Ukrainian chicken exports to the European Union has doubled or even tripled, causing market destabilization and affecting countries like Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland. The arrival of Ukrainian chicken in the European Union has disrupted the previous balance.

Differences in Production Costs

Scheffer highlighted that the cost of chicken meat production in Ukraine is significantly lower than in the European Union, providing an advantage to Ukrainian producers.

Concerns Over Political Impact

When asked about the EU’s support for Ukraine and its implications on the industry, Scheffer suggested that it may have been a “political mistake.” He noted that the profits generated from the increased imports benefit the Ukrainian chicken meat producer MHP, rather than the Ukrainian people.


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