Internet experts have warned all users of phones running the Android operating system, in particular, to check their phones as soon as possible to make sure that the frequently used “task management” application is not installed, and urged everyone who has the application to remove him immediately.

The app to be removed is called “Todo: Day Manager” which helps users manage their daily tasks and reminds them of appointments.

The danger of the application lies in the fact that it allows malware to take over the banking information of users, after which it downloads a malicious program for banks called “Xenomorph” and even gains access to their SMS messages, according to the American Fox News network.

Security experts at Zscaler ThreatLabz also discovered that once the app is installed on a phone, the malware is downloaded as a fake Google service app from GitHub and runs stealthily, asking users for permission to access, and once that permission is granted. will add itself as a device administrator and prevent users from turning it off.

The experts explain that if the app is installed on the phone, but permission to access malware is not granted, the user should uninstall the app without any problems, but if the app is granted access, the user may have to create a backup. its files and factory reset to uninstall the app.

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