An Israeli website reports that an investigation into the killing of 3 Israeli soldiers showed that the Egyptian policeman’s actions followed a predetermined plan, indicating that he knows the area well due to his work as a permanent border guard.

The i24 news website stated that the information showed that the Egyptian bomber carried two knives, one of which he used to cut the handcuffs placed on the gates of the emergency crossing, intended for the passage of Israeli forces when necessary on the Egyptian side. . and blotted out of it, and a copy of the Qur’an was also found in his possession.

He claimed that the investigation showed that the Egyptian policeman knew the area well, by virtue of his work as a permanent Egyptian border guard, and knew the whereabouts of two militants who were shot at the beginning of the journey.

He also claimed that the Egyptian policeman prepared a hiding place for himself to hide in Israeli territory and stay in it for a longer period, since he settled at a depth of one and a half kilometers east of the fence, and marked a pile of stones, taking advantage of the mountainous terrain of the border zone, which includes in a lot of bends and rocky hills.

According to the report, two hours after the 7:00 pm report that muffled gunfire had been heard in the area, the Egyptians announced that they had lost one policeman.

An Israeli army spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Hadjari, told Ynet that the incident took place in a courtyard where operations are carried out from time to time, the last of which was a few hours before the event, when a drug smuggling operation was disrupted at 03:00 am.

He added: “At 04:15 am, the last contact was made with two soldiers at two observation posts, and Uri was the supreme commander in the center and was responsible for making contact with the front command post. where communication should take place every hour, and in the morning two corpses were found.

The spokesman stressed that Israel and Egypt are conducting a joint investigation to uncover deeper and fuller details to ensure that such an unusual incident does not happen again, especially in light of the peace treaty between the two countries and proven coordination from both sides. sides.

Source: “i24 news”

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