Western diplomats said Russia has been putting enormous pressure on UN Secretary-General António Guterres and his advisers not to launch an investigation into Iran sending drones to Moscow to use in the war in Ukraine.

Both diplomats indicated that Russia had threatened to stop cooperating on other issues related to Ukraine, especially the Black Sea grain export corridor, according to the Axios website.

But the UN legal adviser and undersecretary for political affairs are determined to authorize Guterres to commission experts to look into the matter, diplomats said, noting that there are precedents for such cases in the Middle East.

Earlier this month, a diplomatic source at the UN said Russia had asked Iran to buy hundreds of drones and ballistic missiles.

He also added: “We know that Iran intends to increase the supply of drones and missiles to Russia in large quantities,” noting that Moscow is doing this to solve a severe shortage of military materials.

European Investigation Requirements

Notably, France, Britain and Germany last October, in a letter to the UN, called for an impartial investigation into Iranian drones that the West claims Russia received as part of the war against Ukraine.

In a letter addressed to the Security Council and United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, it was stated that an investigation by the United Nations Secretariat team responsible for the implementation of Security Council Resolution 2231 would be welcomed, and these countries expressed their willingness to support the work of the General Secretariat on the technical and impartial investigation.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres reports to the Security Council twice a year, usually in June and December, on the implementation of the 2015 resolution. Any assessment of drone use in Ukraine is likely to be included in this report. .

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