The head of the office of the Prime Minister of Hungary, Gerge Goyash, said that the government of his country had decided to lift the restrictions imposed on gasoline prices due to fuel shortages due to European sanctions on Russian oil supplies.

Goiash told reporters on Tuesday evening: “Everything we feared has come true. The oil sanctions imposed by the European Union, which took effect last Monday, are causing a disruption in the supply of fuel to Hungary, which is felt by everyone.”

He stated that the leadership of MOL, Hungary’s largest oil and gas company, told the Hungarian Energy Minister of their inability to provide the national economy with enough fuel due to European sanctions.

“Without the import of fuel, the state cannot maintain a fixed price for gasoline at the level of 480 forints per liter (about 1.2 euros),” he added. He pointed out that the country’s government considered the proposal of the MOL company and decided to “cancel the restrictions on the price of gasoline”, which were introduced a year ago in order to support the population.

Goyash said that Hungary, which receives Russian oil through the Drogba gas pipeline, is exempt from the European embargo on its supplies by sea and from the price ceiling for this type of fuel. At the same time, he noted, the country immediately witnessed the indirect impact of these sanctions, which caused an increase in demand for gasoline and its shortage at gas stations across the country.

“Because Hungary is dependent on imports, we also suffer from this, as now we will have to buy fuel in Europe at a higher price,” he said.

Source: TASS

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