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Grimstalker, Fulgent Armor Set, New Weapons & New Quests

Out of the Chain Trap and into the Harpoon. We’re not letting up with new content for WILD HEARTS! In our second post-launch content update* we’ve added a new subspecies, Grimstalker, including new forgeable weapons and an armor set made from Grimstalker materials for those able to successfully hunt this new Kemono.

The second content update also includes three new higher difficulty quests. These new hunts will test your mettle! Celebrate with some well-earned Chat Stamps and Emotes.

Read more about the new content:

New Kemono – Grimstalker

A Kemono steeped in mystery, Grimstalker has been spotted on the Natsukodachi Isle. This mighty beast has the ability to manipulate both searing flames and surging seas. Down this prey, and in doing so attain even greater heights as a hunter.

The most striking feature of Grimstalker is the way in which its rage levels affect the elements of nature at its command. Normally, it wields water and waves to hamper its adversaries’ movement. Once enraged, however, it switches to fire, unleashing devastating attacks of molten rock. You’ll want to make use of Elemental Lanterns in order to combat both types of attacks. And don’t let the beast escape unscathed whenever it leaves itself vulnerable!

New Weapons, Armor Set – Grimstalker Weapons, Fulgent Armor

Forge two new weapons from Grimstalker materials. One is capable of mighty blows that rend heaven and earth asunder, while the other combines Kemono brawn with human brains to make a formidable weapon.

The Fulgent armor set also shines brightly on the battlefield, letting other hunters know you’ve triumphed over Azuma’s latest threat.

New Quests – Fulgent Fate: Bloodshed, Days of Hunting: Gleaming Gold, Twin Boar Gorge

Three new quests await! Can you best Amaterasu in Akikure Canyon without dying a single time? Will you be able to fell Kingtusk and Icetusk in Fuyufusagi Fort with only two lives? Mighty Dreadclaw, Pearlbeak and Lavaback will give you the most chances to overcome their challenge but will you be able to hunt all three?

For victory in each, you’ll gain a new Chat Stamp and a new Emote. Let us be the first to Toast to your victory, cheers!

Murakumo, New Karakuri, Limit Break System & More in April

Somehow April has even more content! Just like March, we’ll be deploying an update at the beginning of April and another towards the end of the month.

The first April content update will be on the 6th and includes a new petal-manipulating fox Kemono Murakumo, new weapons and armor set from Murakumo materials, a new Spinning Top Karakuri, the Limit Break system and additional enhancements and fixes. We’ll share a lot more about those as we near their arrival in the game.

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