Today, Sunday, Yemeni Defense Minister Lieutenant General Mohsen Al-Daari called on the international community to confront Iranian expansion in Yemen and its threat to the security of the region and the world.

This happened during his meeting with French Ambassador to Yemen Jean-Marie Safa and French military attache Junaid Jude in the temporary capital of Aden.

During the meeting, the officials discussed a number of issues, chief among which was the strikes by Houthi fighters on vital targets, according to the official Yemeni news agency.

The meeting focused on attacks by terrorist Houthi militias on ports and oil facilities, as well as destabilizing the security of sea lanes and global trade routes.

The Yemeni Defense Minister pointed to the continued Iranian smuggling of weapons and drugs in large quantities to Houthi terrorist groups.

He also pointed to “the role played by the Yemeni armed forces in the fight against terrorism and the pursuit of terrorist elements in the various liberated areas.”

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