How to Obtain Lumber and Stone: The Ultimate Guide to Resource Management in Cult of the Lamb

In Cult of the Lamb, effectively managing resources is vital for cult success. Whether players choose to work hard themselves or rely on their faithful cult followers, resource collection requires careful planning and organization. This detailed guide will walk you through the best strategies to acquire and manage Lumber and Stone, two crucial resources that remain significant throughout the game. Following these tips will ensure a steady supply and avoid encountering scarcity issues in Cult of the Lamb.

Labor: Clearing Rubble and Trees

You can assign tasks to your cult members to kickstart your resource collection. Clearing nearby trees is an excellent way to generate Lumber while clearing rubble yields Stone. This method proves efficient at the beginning of the game. However, be aware that the resources available within your cult grounds will eventually deplete, necessitating alternative resource farming methods.

Crusades for Resources

Crusades allow players to embark on different paths, each with unique challenges and rewards. These paths may lead to rooms filled with trees or rubble, indicated by an icon when selecting your route. You can break trees to obtain Lumber and attack stones for Stone by equipping your character with a melee weapon. This method proves helpful when other options are unavailable. Nonetheless, remember that Crusades are randomly generated, making it impossible to predict the room contents in advance.

Buildings: Lumberyard and Stone Mine

Constructing specific buildings within your Cult provides a continuous supply of valuable resources. The Lumberyard generates Lumber over time, while the Stone Mine produces Stone. Each building requires a dedicated follower to collect resources until the reserves are exhausted; at this point, the building is destroyed. Rebuilding becomes necessary to maintain a steady resource stream. Let’s explore the details and costs associated with each building:


– Description: Using this building, a follower generates Lumber over time.
– Cost: 30 Coins, 15 Lumber

Stone Mine:

– Description: This building allows a follower to generate Stone over time.
– Cost: 30 Coins, 10 Stone

Players can enhance these buildings through upgrades, attained by gaining devotion, to strengthen their Cult further.

Cooking: Resource-Rich Recipes

Cooking plays a significant role in Cult of the Lamb, offering the opportunity to prepare dishes that yield various benefits for your cult followers. Some recipes even result in valuable resource drops. Although the specific resources obtained are random, these recipes can help alleviate Lumber and Stone shortages. Consider the following resource-rich options:

Hearty Meat:

– Effects: 25% chance of dropping valuable resources, 15% chance of the follower instantly producing waste.
– Ingredients: 2 Meat

Tasty Fish Meal:

– Effects: 25% chance of dropping valuable resources, 15% chance of the follower vomiting instantly.
– Ingredients: 3 Salmon

Cheery Cauliflower Chowder:

– Effects: 25% chance of dropping valuable resources, 5% chance of causing illness.
– Ingredients: 4 Cauliflower

Mighty Meat Feast:

– Effects: 75% chance of dropping valuable resources.
– Ingredients: 4 Meat, 1 Crab, 1 Lobster

Deadly Dish:

– Effects: 100% chance of dropping valuable resources, 75% chance of the follower dying instantly.
– Ingredients: 1 Follower Meat, 1 Poop, 1 Grass

Experimenting with cooking recipes enhances your chances of obtaining desperately needed resources like Lumber and Stone.

Cult Followers and Strategic Planning

Effectively managing your cult followers is essential for success in Cult of the Lamb. Carefully assign tasks to optimize resource gathering while maintaining follower morale. Balancing labor tasks, follower assignments, and well-being becomes crucial to maximizing resource production. Prioritizing tasks based on urgency and scarcity of resources, such as Lumber and Stone, ensures a steady and efficient workflow.

Game Guide: Cult of the Lamb

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide provides a range of strategies and methods for obtaining Lumber and Stone in Cult of the Lamb. Players can secure a consistent supply of these vital resources through labor tasks, Crusades, building construction, and cooking resource-rich recipes. Successful resource management is a crucial element in cultivating a thriving cult that can withstand the challenges presented by the game.

As you embark on your Cult of the Lamb journey, remember to adapt your strategies and explore different approaches. Each playthrough offers unique opportunities and challenges, making flexibility and adaptability essential. Good luck in your quest to build the most prosperous Cult in Cult of the Lamb!

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