US billionaire Elon Musk has revealed covert pre-acquisition Twitter abuses against American right-wing account holders, stressing that the platform is being updated to find out why.

“Twitter is updating the program to show the status of your real account so you clearly know if you’ve been secretly banned and why, and how to submit a request to restore a normal account,” he said in a tweet.

Conservatives in America slammed Twitter on Thursday after learning the social media platform was stifling right-wing commentators’ tweets by placing them on a secret “blacklist” of their accounts.

3 were secretly banned

The accounts of 3 conservatives have been blocked and partially censored, according to the second batch of “Twitter Files” reported by freelance journalist Barry Weiss in a series of tweets.

Dan Bongino, talk show host, wrote that the disclosure confirmed what he had long suspected, emphasizing, “We always knew we were the target of the Twitter suppression machine, always.”

black list

Meanwhile, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford University advocate who is also mentioned in the Vice report, said, “I’m still trying to process my feelings when I found out that Twitter had blacklisted me.”

For his part, a third conservative activist, Charlie Kirk, said Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey assured him in 2018 that Twitter was not blocking accounts or imposing covert censorship.

decrease in reactivity

But then he said he noticed a drop in activity on his Twitter profile ahead of the 2020 election and a loss of 200,000 followers following the Jan. 6 nighttime riots.

He demanded that Twitter publish a list of all accounts that have become public targets.

In a series of tweets, journalist Weiss detailed how he used so-called “shadowbans” to limit access to right-wing conservative users’ tweets.

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