Agence France-Presse reported that Greek Vice President of the European Parliament Eva Kaili has been jailed on suspicion of Qatar-related corruption.

And Agence France Presse said Greek Vice President of the European Parliament Eva Cailli was jailed in Brussels on Sunday on charges of “corruption” in a Belgian judge’s investigation into the large sums Qatar may have paid. to influence decisions in this large European institution.

And Agence France Presse, citing a judicial source, said that Kylie (44) and three others were jailed by a judge in Brussels two days after being arrested as part of an investigation into the actions of the country organizing the 2022 World Cup.

The source added that Kylie was unable to exercise her parliamentary immunity as she was arrested “at the scene of the crime,” confirming press reports that Kylie had “bags full of banknotes” at the apartment of a European Socialist representative, where she was in the apartment Friday night in the Belgian capital was searched.

And the prosecutor’s office said that the house of another member of the European Parliament, the Belgian Mark Tarabella, was searched last night, Saturday, but he was not detained.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola returned from Malta to Brussels to support the federal police in their search for Tarabella’s house, her spokeswoman said.

The spokesman indicated that the presence of the President is required in such an investigation, which is directed against a member of the European Parliament elected in Belgium, “as required by the Belgian constitution.”

For his part, European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni considered that the case of alleged corruption on behalf of Qatar, in which representatives of the European Parliament were involved, was a “serious damage to the reputation” of the European institution.

And in a program on the Italian TV channel “Paradise” Gentiloni said: “This is a very serious damage to the reputation” of the European Parliament. This is a “shameful and unacceptable case.”

And the Belgian press reported that former Italian European MP Pier Antonio Panzieri, who now leads the non-governmental organization Fighting for Independence against impunity, was jailed today, Sunday, as he, like Kylie, was among the six people. who were arrested on Friday in Brussels after conducting at least 16 searches, while two suspects were released and four others were arrested on charges of “belonging to a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption.”

And according to the Belgian newspaper Leko, the investigation also affected Kylie’s father, as he was caught with a large amount of cash “in a bag.”

The prosecution stated that it is suspected in the case that “persons holding political and / or strategic positions in the European Parliament, allowing them to influence its decisions, were paid large sums of money or were given expensive gifts.”

Source: AFP

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