Apple is gearing up to unveil its most ambitious new hardware products in years at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference starting today, Monday, and lasting for several days.

Apple is expected to introduce a “mixed reality” headset that offers both virtual and augmented reality, a technology that superimposes virtual images during a live broadcast on video from the real world.

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The upcoming launch of AR/VR headsets will be Apple’s biggest hardware product launch since the Apple Watch debuted in 2015. This is reported by CNN, viewed by

But the headset is just one of many announcements expected at the developer event. Apple will also showcase a long list of software updates that will impact how people use their most popular devices, including the iPhone and Apple Watch.

It could also tease Apple about how it plans to integrate artificial intelligence into more of its products and services, keeping up with the renewed arms race for technology in Silicon Valley.

Here’s a closer look at what to expect:

Mixed Reality Headset

For years, Apple CEO Tim Cook has shown interest in augmented reality. Now it looks like Apple is finally ready to show what it’s working on.

The new headset, which could be called “Reality One” or “Reality Pro”, will have an iOS-like interface, display immersive videos, and include cameras and sensors that allow users to control it with hand and eye movements, as well as using Siri. . . Siri. The device is also rumored to have an outward-facing screen that displays eye movements and facial expressions, allowing viewers to interact with the person wearing the headset without feeling like they are talking to a robot, reports Bloomberg.

Apple’s new headset is expected to feature gaming, fitness and meditation apps, as well as access to iOS apps like Messages, FaceTime and Safari, Bloomberg reports. For example, with the FaceTime option, the headset will display “the user’s entire face and body in virtual reality” to give the impression that they are both “in the same room”.

During the event, Apple aims to encourage developers to create apps and experiences for the product to make it more compelling for customers and justify its high price tag.

Apple is considering offering the device for $3,000, much more than most of its products, and is testing potential buyers during a time of constant uncertainty in the global economy. It comes at a time when other tech companies have struggled to get headphone attention. And in the years that Apple was rumored to be working on a product, the tech community shifted its focus from virtual reality to another trendy technology: artificial intelligence.

But if any company can prove the naysayers wrong, it’s Apple. The company’s entry into the market, along with its vast customer base, could breathe new life into the world of headphones.

New Macbooks

The mixed reality headset won’t be the only piece of equipment on display at this year’s event.

Apple is expected to release a new 15-inch MacBook Air with the company’s M2 processor. The current size of the MacBook Air is 13 inches.

Previously, users who wanted a larger Apple laptop had to buy a MacBook Pro, the most expensive version.

New features for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Given that WWDC is traditionally a programming event, Apple executives are likely to spend a lot of time highlighting the changes and upcoming updates for the next generation of mobile operating systems, iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.

While last year’s updates included a major design overhaul for the lock screen and iMessage, this year’s update is expected to see only minor changes.

With iOS 17, Apple is expected to double down on its health tracking efforts, adding the ability to track everything from a user’s mood to seeing how their vision changes over time. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple will also launch a diary app so users can record not only their thoughts, but also their activity levels, which can then be analyzed to figure out how much time someone spends at home or away from home.

It is also reported that the new iOS 17 is getting an update to the lock screen: when switched to landscape mode, widgets related to the calendar, weather and other applications will be highlighted on the screen and act as a digital hub. iPadOS 17 is also expected to have the same lock screen experience and health features.

Other pending updates include an update to the Apple Watch operating system that will focus on quick widget browsing and more details on the next-generation CarPlay system that the company first showed off last year.

Artificial intelligence muscle game

While much of the event may be dedicated to virtual reality, Apple could also try to show how it can keep up with Silicon Valley’s current obsession with artificial intelligence.

Apple is said to be planning a preview of AI-powered digital coaching that will encourage people to exercise and improve their sleep and eating habits. It’s not yet clear how this might work, but the effort comes at a time when major tech companies are looking to adopt AI-driven technologies following the viral success of ChatGPT.

Apple could also showcase some of its recently introduced accessibility tools for iPhone and iPad, including a feature that promises to repeat the user’s voice during phone calls with just 15 minutes of training.

Most of the other big tech companies have recently defined their AI strategies. This event could be an opportunity for Apple to do the same.

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