British writer Peter Hitchens accused Western countries of recklessness and arrogance because of their intervention in the Ukrainian crisis and Russian provocations.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Hitchens wrote that it was the United States and European countries that created a dangerous situation within NATO along Russia’s borders, noting that their participation in the Ukrainian crisis was the last straw for Moscow.

The journalist pointed out that if a situation similar to what is happening in Ukraine were to arise in the western half of the continent, which the US considers its zone of influence, the US would stop any attempts to interfere by third countries with great cruelty. The writer emphasized that he was ready to face a wave of criticism because of his statement about the refusal of confrontation with Russia.

Hitchens presented a hypothetical situation in which power in French-speaking Quebec would be seized by “right-wing extremists” who would declare their desire to secede from Canada and conclude first a trade and then a military alliance with China. The writer then imagined how the US would react if Chinese troops were stationed in Montreal and rocket launchers were placed in Quebec!!.

And he explained: “How do you see what the US government will do in such circumstances? .. You will see that everything I wrote is a mirror image of what the United States and NATO have been doing in Europe for several years. instead of Canada and the USA – Russia. And instead of Quebec – Ukraine and the Baltic states. In fact, in fact, NATO forces are now stationed in Estonia.”

Hitchens said NATO forces were stationed perilously close to the (Russian) city of St. Petersburg, and a year ago NATO military exercises in Estonia trained to strike Russian air defenses.

He continued: “If no one in the White House, the Pentagon or NATO thought that their policy towards Russia could be fraught with such an outcome, I would be surprised.” , publicly stated that Russia was provoked.

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