Readers of the British Daily Mail criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who announced plans to seize Crimea in his New Year’s speech.

One commentator said: “This young man is a danger, he was bought to play his specific role. Ukraine is a non-democratic country, and its existence is coming to an end thanks to Zelensky and the tactics of the West.”

Reader Joey001 added, “Does he want to win or does he want us to keep writing him checks?”

A third reader said, “How about asking for less money and talking more about the world?”

User Kasper continued: “I just want to remind him that his people freeze and die, and he himself will get rich and become the richest man in the country.”

One reader continued the discussion: “This idiot needs to be removed so that Ukraine can negotiate peace and return to normal life.”

Notably, Zelenskiy said in December that the withdrawal of Russian troops to the 1991 borders was the only way to end hostilities in Ukraine. In response, the speaker of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, considered that the Ukrainian leader did not need peace in the country. A source in Moscow told RIA Novosti that if he wanted to return to 1991, he would have to talk about a neutral situation and brotherly relations with Russia, which destroyed Kyiv and led to a crisis, and not about borders.

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