There are doubts about the participation of the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo with his new club Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia in the match against guest Al-Thai tomorrow, Friday, in the 12th round of the Saudi Football League Roshen.

Al-Nasr was scheduled to face his counterpart Al-Tayeh tonight, Thursday, at the Marsoul Park stadium in the capital Riyadh.

However, the Saudi Pro League Competition Committee decided to postpone the match between Al-Nasr and Al-Thai based on a letter from the chairman of the board of directors of the Saudi company Al-Wasail, in which it was decided that King Saud University’s Marsoul Park Stadium was unable to host the match due to heavy rain, which led to power and lighting failures The stadium and gates, based on an engineering report and in the interests of the safety of the players and those in attendance, therefore, the decision was made to postpone.

It was decided to play the match tomorrow, Friday, at the same stadium and at the same time.

Football fans around the world are waiting for the first appearance of the star Cristiano Ronaldo in an Al-Nasr shirt, signing a contract with him until the summer of 2025 in exchange for an annual salary estimated at 200 million euros, press reports. reports.

There has been a lot of speculation about the possibility of Ronaldo playing in front of Al Tay for various reasons related to the arrival of the international card of the Portuguese star and the two-match suspension of the English Premier League imposed on him. , amid his falling out with an Everton fan when he was a Manchester United player, in addition to increasing the number of foreign players at the Al-Nasr club.

Regarding the international card and suspension, SSC, the exclusive carrier of the Saudi League, reported that Ronaldo’s international card had arrived and there was no penalty for the player.

While the British newspaper The Daily Mail indicated that Ronaldo had been suspended for two matches and would not be able to play in the Al Tayeh match, press reports confirmed that the Al Nasr club was willing to pay a financial penalty in return . for the player’s participation in the match.

The Al-Nasr Club also received a Financial Competence Certificate tonight and an official announcement of the decision is expected by the Saudi Ministry of Sports Financial Competence Committee in the coming hours.

And all Ronaldo needs to win to participate in the At-Taei match is to remove one of the foreign players from his list, given that after the inclusion of the Portuguese, he now has 9 foreign players.

According to press reports, Uzbek player Jalal Masharipov is expected to be removed from Al-Nasr’s roster.

The Al-Nasr club has not yet announced its final position on the participation of Ronaldo in the match with Al-Thai.

It is noteworthy that Ronaldo confirmed during the presentation of the player to Al-Nasr last Tuesday that he was ready to speak to Al-Tai if the French coach Rudy Garcia, the manager of the Saudi club, decides.

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