Driveclub Modder Achieves 60fps on Jailbroken PlayStation 5

A modder named Illusion has accomplished something that many thought was impossible – running Driveclub at 60fps. This achievement has been a long-time dream for fans of the game.

Illusion’s Impressive Work

Illusion has shown great skill and dedication by successfully achieving 60fps in Driveclub. This is not the first time Illusion has accomplished such a feat, as they have previously done similar work with The Order: 1886.

Digital Foundry Analysis

Digital Foundry, a well-known technical analysis group, has conducted a video analysis of this specific version of Driveclub. They have provided valuable insights into the technical aspects of the mod.

Limited Practical Implications

While Digital Foundry’s analysis is impressive, it must be noted that it has limited practical implications for casual players. The mod is difficult to use and requires a jailbroken console, which is not accessible for most players.

Results of the Mod

The video analysis showcases the impressive results achieved using the mod. It is unfortunate that official 60fps support will never be available, but this accomplishment highlights the potential for improvement.

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