American businessman Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, today Wednesday apologized for a mistake made by the social media giant when he was… Erroneous designation of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as belonging to the State of Nigeria.

Musk commented on the Norwegian Foreign Ministry’s tweet saying, “We’re sorry!”

Yesterday, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reached out to Twitter support through their official account on the microblogging site: bug fix contained in the account profile.

“Dear @TwitterSupport, as much as we enjoy our bilateral relationship and alphabetical rapprochement with Nigeria, we would appreciate it if we could be identified as Norway,” the Norwegian Foreign Ministry tweeted along with an emoji.

And in the official documented report of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, it was identified as a government organization belonging to the state of Nigeria. The names of the prime minister and the minister of foreign affairs were also incorrectly named.

In English, the letters Norway are completely different from the letters Nigeria, and they only match in the first “N”.

It appears that the tech team on the microblogging site has been working for hours to fix the bug, as the account from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been referred to as a Norwegian government agency, but has not responded to the tweet. Whereas Musk responded today with an apology.

Twitter has run into a number of technical issues since it was acquired by controversial American billionaire Elon Musk two months ago, such as verifying blue-tick accounts.

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