Former adviser to the head of the Pentagon Douglas McGregor commented on the recent statement by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in Helsinki about the “defeat” of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

“The words of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about the “defeat” of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine indicate the willingness of the White House to continue to sacrifice Ukrainian lives for him,” McGregor said in an interview with the Judging Freedom YouTube channel.

He added, commenting on Blinken’s speech, in which he stated his belief that the Russian president “has been defeated in the conflict, and his willingness to support the Kiev regime for as long as necessary,” which indicates Washington’s desire to continue to drag out the conflict, despite the loss of Ukrainian troops.

He said: “We must admit that this is inhuman towards Ukrainians. For me, this is incomprehensible from the first day of the conflict. They don’t care what happens inside the country. This is the exact opposite of what we stand for. Americans should be ashamed of their behavior.”

McGregor also expressed confidence that Putin is indeed capable of defeating the West, and drew attention to the growing stagnation in European countries, especially in Germany.

At the same time, he said, Europeans no longer believe the supposed nonsense about Moscow wanting to attack the European Union, so more and more people are calling for an end to the crisis.

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