Readers of the German newspaper Die Welt criticized the decision of the European Union to send 18 billion euros to Kyiv, despite the opposition position of Hungary.

This is due to the EU plans to circumvent the right of veto taken by Hungary, since 18 billion euros will be allocated not from the general budget of the European Union, but from the finances of the participating countries.

Readers of the newspaper also accused the EU countries of violating their own rules, in favor of Ukraine mired in corruption, in addition to the fact that it is not part of the European Union, and of hypocritical attitude towards Hungary.

One reader asked: “Are there any principles in the European Union? The rules of the Union are violated, and members of the Commission are arrested on charges of corruption. What have we got ourselves into because of this European Union?”

Another wrote: “Why are you giving EU money to a foreign country that is not a member? This is a waste of our taxes! Zelensky should withdraw his dirty money from his accounts and return it to Ukraine where it belongs!”

Another added: “An EU member state is boycotted, and Zelensky, a stranger to the alliance, receives billions! Look for the mistake.”

Another commented: “Mr. Z (Zelensky) will be very pleased with this donation, which will go directly to his accounts in Panama!”

Another said “I will draw your attention to the fact that Ukraine is not a member of the European Union and corruption is more common than member Hungary, but Union money is being lent to Kiev while Budapest is accused of corruption and denied”, and wondered , is it possible to return this money from Ukraine someday?

On November 9, the European Commission proposed to provide Ukraine with a new €18 billion loan support package for next year, noting that the first batch would be shipped in January.

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