Sports broadcaster Hind Bumashmar, accompanied by Argentine star Lionel Messi, showed up in Paris on Thursday morning, hours after he announced his move to Inter Miami while everyone was waiting for his move to Al Hilal.

French Hind, who is of Moroccan origin, had previously confirmed that Messi would move to Al Hilal, but returned in other appearances and confirmed the player’s intention to move to the Saudi club as soon as possible.

This raised the question of whether Messi had cheated Bumshamar, and later that day Messi himself confirmed his intention to move to the professional league Roshen through Al Hilal and indicated that his wife had nothing to do with the deal not being completed.

It is noteworthy that Lionel Messi will sign a contract with Inter Miami for a period of three years, while the player reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the contract in June of each year and not renew it for a new season. is not terminated, the contract is automatically extended for the next year.

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