Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto proposed a plan for a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, including a ceasefire, the creation of a demilitarized zone and the deployment of UN peacekeepers.

In his initiative, which he put forward today, Saturday, during a security conference in Singapore, the minister said that the first point of the Indonesian plan calls for an immediate ceasefire on both sides, after which each side will withdraw 15 kilometers from their current positions to create a new demilitarized zone with the need for the rapid deployment of international peacekeepers there.

The plan also provides for the organization of a referendum in disputed areas under the supervision of the United Nations in order to objectively confirm the will of the majority of the population. However, the minister did not specify what is meant by these directions. And he only stressed that Indonesia is ready to participate in all these operations, including sending its military forces as part of an international peacekeeping mission.

The Minister emphasized that the measures he mentioned “have proved their effectiveness in the course of history”, citing the situation on the Korean Peninsula as an example.

The Indonesian Defense Minister said: “Yes, the conflict in Korea is still frozen and needs a permanent solution. But despite this, there has been some kind of peace there for at least 50 years, which is much better than massive destruction and the killing of innocent people.”

It is known that the Kremlin has previously stated that the situation in Ukraine can move in a peaceful direction, provided that the real situation and new realities are taken into account, and of course, all Moscow’s demands are well known to everyone.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow has repeatedly declared its readiness for negotiations, but Kyiv has imposed a legislative ban on this.

Source: TASS

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