As part of a systematic campaign that began with precise coordination at the level of the German media, activists or journalists who do not support the official line on Ukraine are being attacked and harassed in Germany.

This comes in light of a vicious media campaign that involved a large number of German newspapers, and its aftermath reached the German Bundestag, where CSU spokesman Andrea Lindholtz demanded the creation of what she called a “national service” to collect “misleading Russian information”. “. .

And apart from “investigative” films in which they are distorted, as in the film by Rainer Fromm”German-Russian propaganda fighterswhich was published by Network ZDFwhich describes opponents of the German government as “a dangerous threat to democracy in the European Union” and “a web of anti-Western conspiracy theories, conspiracy myths, Russian military propaganda and discrediting democratic structures”, these journalists or activists have been harassed in courtrooms and through malicious whistleblowers.

Source: RT

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