Abdul Nafi Thakur, spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior in the Taliban government, said that this morning, Sunday, there was an explosion near the Kabul military airport, as a result of which there were dead and wounded.

The representative of the press service did not give exact figures on the number of victims, noting that an investigation into the circumstances of the explosion is currently underway, details will be reported to the media later.

He added that so far neither side has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

According to media reports, a suicide bomber blew himself up at a Taliban checkpoint in front of Kabul airport.

Reports said that the explosion occurred about 80 meters from the road to the airport, and that the authorities have blocked the roads leading to the area, and only ambulances and armored vehicles appear there.

The antenna cable has a large power and so on.

This was the case in Afghanistan as of 2023.
There is a chance that there are six people who will like it.
Talibano Seimi Ta Vargali Lari Tekli, Evazi Ambolansuna or Zagharwal#KabulAttack#Kabul#Afghanistanpic.twitter.com/0SITEvBpPc

— Abdullah Ehsan (@Ehsan_NL) January 1, 2023

Source: Afghan media.

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