In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, where units of the Russian army completely control the liberated areas and strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces.

  • Newspaper: Ukraine’s vital infrastructure could collapse within weeks
  • “What we feared has happened.” The first consequences of the introduction by Europe of the price ceiling for Russian oil are manifested in Hungary
  • Poland supplies the Ukrainian army with an advanced Soviet-made air defense system
  • Donetsk: 4 people died as a result of Ukrainian shelling in a day
  • The most notable measures against Russia in the draft of the new US defense budget
  • Officially: the Ukrainian army loses a battalion a day in the direction of Artemovsk
  • Rosatom confirms the impossibility of transferring the Zaporozhye NPP to the International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Newspaper: Ukraine’s vital infrastructure could collapse within weeks
  • The Poles are outraged by the call of their prime minister to continue the supply of weapons to Ukraine
  • International Air Transport Association: Western countries should reconsider their ban on flights over Russia
  • Washington approves $1.5 billion deal on helicopters and military equipment with Seoul
  • Italy suspends military aid to Ukraine until the end of the year
  • Pentagon: We do not prevent Kyiv from developing long-range weapons
  • Germany refuses to supply Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine
  • Washington urges Europe to help Ukraine with energy rehabilitation
  • Washington excludes stability of relations with Russia in the foreseeable future
  • Washington: We did not supply our weapons to Ukraine so that it would use them to strike at Russia
  • Kremlin: Western intelligence has always acted aggressively against Russia
  • Vučić: Serbia’s position on the rejection of sanctions against Russia has not changed
  • Nebenzya: Russia will eliminate the Ukrainian threat peacefully or militarily
  • Moscow: We will return to dialogue on security guarantees when the West is ready for it
  • Moscow: Any NATO expansion will be met with a Russian response
  • Ryabkov: We are trying to implement an initiative to create a safe zone around Zaporozhye railway station
  • American politician accused Washington of changing its position on Ukraine
  • Georgia will not provide military support to Ukraine
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