In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, where units of the Russian army completely control the liberated areas and strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces.

  • Pushilin assessed the scale of damage caused by Ukraine to the Donetsk People’s Republic
  • Pushilin: Ukraine has become one of the largest suppliers of weapons to the black market
  • Finland continues to import LNG from Russia under a long-term contract
  • DER SPIEGEL: Lambrecht admits the inability of German troops to fulfill their obligations to NATO
  • Acting Governor of the Kherson region: Violation of the Russian border crossing by the UN Deputy Secretary General
  • Pentagon: Washington did not witness the military activity of Belarus near the border with Ukraine
  • Pentagon: Ukraine did not use military aid for illegal purposes
  • Media: US may send Patriot complexes to Ukraine this week
  • US accuses 4 Russian citizens of purchasing military equipment in violation of sanctions
  • Hungarian Foreign Minister: Russia does not rule out the possibility of amending gas contracts
  • US Delegate: Ukraine and NATO face a shortage of weapons and military equipment
  • Ryabkov: There is no progress on the main issues of the Istanbul talks between Russia and the United States
  • US military expert sees end to Zelenskiy’s flight to Poland
  • Hungary: European energy ministers fail to agree on gas price ceiling
  • Newspaper: Stocks of ammunition of the Ukrainian army are running out and cannot be replaced
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