In Ukraine, the Russian special operation continues, where units of the Russian army completely control the liberated areas and strike at the positions of Ukrainian forces.

  • Russian defense: stopping Ukrainian offensive attempts in several directions and killing about 200 militants
  • Zelensky: Ukraine needs electricity supplies from Europe
  • Russian security forces detained a resident of Abakan in Krasnoyarsk who tried to join Ukrainian forces
  • The Belarusian army conducts a sudden check of combat readiness
  • Russian expert: Zelensky confirmed to the G7 the intention to prolong the conflict
  • US conditions for peace in Ukraine
  • Rogov: Zelensky uses Ukrainian intelligence to maintain power and fight rivals
  • The Russian army is destroying Ukrainian missile systems in Zaporozhye at a record pace
  • In Kyiv, “points of firmness” could not withstand the fire (video)
  • Austrian politician: Merkel’s confessions frighten and undermine confidence in European politicians
  • Pushilin announces the liberation of more than half of the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic
  • US announces shipment of first batch of energy equipment to Ukraine
  • Politico: The European Union has frozen the funds of Hungary because of its position on the situation with Ukraine
  • Newspaper: Africans’ position differs from Washington’s position towards Ukraine
  • Czech Republic announces EU agreement on assistance to Ukraine for 18 billion euros
  • Sullivan: US will not try to force African countries to support their approach to Ukraine
  • Observation of the American march 100 km from the Crimean peninsula
  • Zelensky: The situation in Ukraine without US support will be very difficult
  • Iranian defense: Kyiv did not provide evidence of the use of Iranian drones by Moscow
  • Zakharova reminded Kyiv of support for Washington’s illegal invasion of Iraq
  • Zelensky asked G7 leaders to help Ukraine with gas
  • Biden: US does not send troops to Ukraine, only equipment
  • UN: Making changes to the grain deal is possible only with the participation of all its parties
  • Pentagon: US will continue to review its military presence in Ukraine
  • Borrell: The amount of European funding for the armament of Ukraine can be doubled
  • G7 countries intend to continue military support for Ukraine

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